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1870 - ROYAL STAFFORDSHIRE PLATE- This very rare plate is in exceptionally good condition, colors very vibrant, no gilt loss, well marked. The plate measures 9" in diameter. This plate is extremely scarce More images here. Hand decorated on the design of Hablot Browne, illustrator of the Charles Dickens First Editions and signed ‘Phiz’. More images herhablott1e: 1 / 2

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ROYAL DOULTON LAMBETH FLORAL EWER - This stunning ewer is in perfect condition, with a beautiful deep primrose glaze, and is fully marked on the reverse. The artist looks to be E. Ruddock and the ewer dates to the late 1890's. The ewer measures 7.5" in height and 4.5" in diameter.

A gorgeous examplghs21e of Royal Doulton Victorian pottery at its best. More images here 1 / 2

Price $265.00

A JAPANESE SATSUMA VASE by Kin Khozan - ca1890 - This absolutely gorgeous Satsuma vase is in very good condition indDSC08888_edited-1iieed, with loss of gilt tio the mouth of the vase being its only defect. It is free from cracks or blemishes.

The vase is decorated with blossom and lily patterns and measures 11" in height. The vase is well marked on its base. More images 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

This is one very nice piece!buynow23

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ROYAL NIPPON ARTS & CRAFTS VASE (1906-1920) - This superb vase is in very good condition. The hand painting is intact and vibrant, slight loss of gilt DSC09051gk_edited-1as usual, a little flecked within the glaze. The Greek Key design, typical of the flourishing Arts & Crafts movement is rather unusual on a Nippon vase. well marked with the Royal Nippon mark. The vase measures 13" in height. More images here 1 / 2 / 3

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DOULTON LAMBETH SILICONWARE FLAGON/TANKARD dating to 1898. This stunning and very rare piece of Doulton siliconware is an exceptional piece of pottery and fit for the most discriminating collection.

It is designed with a leather look which is very deceptive as it actually looks like leather, it has incdka37ised into its sides 'Don't Sware' and 'Drink Fare'. The rim is tipped with a solid silver hallmarked rim marked CS FS, the mark of  Cornelius Desormeaux Saunders & James Francis Hollings London. The mark dates it to the year1898. It is in very good condition, with a unoticable hairline crack near its rim. You may not notdka35ice it on the image and it is just as hard to see in real life. A very desirable piece which measures 8" in height by 5" at its widest point. More pictures here 1
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METTLACH (VILLEROY & BOCH) LIQUOR BOTTLE - This magnificent liquor bottle by the Mettlach works belonging to Villeroy and Boch is in absolutely perfect condition, free from chips, cracks or blemishes, It is beautifully decorated with raised beading and glazed within its bisque bands. The top is intact and again in perfect condition. On the base Is written 'METTLACH B 1328 7'.
The jug measures 9" in height by 4" in diameter. This is one of the finest pieces of Mettlach we have seen in many yearsbuynow23. More images 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

Price $345.00

A SUPERB PAIR OF OLD WORCESTER MANTLE VASE - These wonderful bottle mantle vases are decorated in a sumptuous glaze as can be seen from the images. The hand painted cadmium red flowers provide a vibrant dimension to the muted blueish glaze.
We believe zam93that these mantle vases date to the latter period of Dr Wall's involvement with the Worcester pottery houses and have a workman's two dots and dash mark on the base. They measure 8" in height and are in perfect condition, free from chips, cracks or blemishes of any sort. Purchased from a collector in Canada. More imabuynow23ges1 /

Price $395.00 pair

A NIPPON GREEN, MORIAGE TWO-HANDLED EWER. - This extraordinary Nippon ewer is in very good condition, small repaiDSC09402_edited-1wwr at handle. The ewer measures 9" in height and is truly a beautiful example of Nippon moriage work at its finest. The ewer dates to ca1890. More images 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

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1932 Superb ROYLA DOULTON Art Deco Vase Cherry Blossom - This wonderful vase is in very good condition, free from cracks or chips and with all its decoration intacDSC08981_edited-1t. The vase is by Royal Doulton and dates to ca1932. The vase measures 9" in height and is decorated in a rare for Doulton cherry blossom design. More images here: 1 / 2 / 3 .buynow23

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